Chin up, you're Gorgeous.
Hay there love! I love you and you're quite a lovely person. Don't let anyone say otherwise because beauty is simply the virtue and not material things. We are beautiful by our standards, not societies.
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So, there’s not much more to say about what’s pretty much obvious. I’m on a hiatus and probably will be for quite a while. I’m sorry about such a late notice. Uh..I deleted my OC blog like I said I was going to also.

And I might be deleting this one too? Who knows. I’m just really done with this right now. -sigh- Well yeah, I’m sorry to the people who still follow me to! I really don’t want to disappoint ! I see 10 of you already unfollowed, which I guess I deserved. 

Well yeah, that’s all. Love you guys still. Hope your doing well. 


You don’t need to bash skinny people to say that bigger people are beautiful.

You don’t need to bash men to promote women’s rights.
You don’t need to bash white people to promote racial equality.
You don’t need to bash a certain genre of music to promote another.
You don’t need to bash straight people to promote gay rights.

You don’t need to bash anyone to advocate your opinion.

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Reblog if you’re shorter than 5’8.




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